AM1 Blade Angle Meter

The most advanced doctor blade angle meter in the world.

AM1 blade angle meter is developed for easy and accurate doctor blade angle measurements. Online angle display together with accurate sensor and optimal signal filtering allow fast and accurate measurements at once without any repetitions or averaging.

The blade angle meter has a measurement mode for angle difference and absolute angle.

The blade angle meter is suitable for all type of doctor blades and blade holders including double doctor second blades.


  • Clear colour display shows front- and backside measurement values at thesame time
  • Measurement memory (100 readings) allows faster measurements and no notes are needed
  • Roll diameter compensation value can be set in 10mm increments through easy program menu navigation


  • NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Resolution 0.1 degrees
  • Roll diameter compensation settable in 10 mm steps
  • Measurement memory for 100 readings (50 frontside, 50 backside)
  • On-line measurement value display
  • Oled colour display

Delivery includes:

  • Case for transport and store
  • Display unit
  • Sensor head with cable
  • Battery charger
  • User manual
User manual brochure