Complete overhaul of cylinder loaded nips (changing of cylinders and pivot pins) and checking the effects of service by nip force measurements  Alignments (rolls and another components) including measurements, needed calculations of adjustments and corrective actions  Steam box overhaul and actuator tests by special ProTest engineering actuator tester, actuator service/repairs and new actuators  Doctor overhauls […]

Machine renewal projects

Designing, delivery of devices, start-ups, documentation and training:  Hydraulic and pneumatic modernisations and device renewals throughout machine lines (for example control valve updates, cylinder renewals, complete systems etc.)  Doctor modernizations and renewals  Automation devices (tension measurement systems, various control and amplifier cards etc.)

Measurement services

Problem solving, condition monitoring, tuning and optimization:  All type of roll nips throughout machine line (press, sizepress, calender and reel nips)  Fabric stretchers/tension measurements and guides  Steam boxes and doctors (throughout machine line)  Hydraulic and pneumatic systems (manufacturer independent)  Automation systems  Tail threading devices and tail cutters Notice: we will cost-effectively design different kind of […]