FPM-4 – Handheld Pressure Meter

FPM-4 - Handheld Pressure Meter


FPM-4 is a measurement tool for hydraulic and pneumatic systems with embedded functions, such as:

  • pressure difference measurements
  • cylinder force [kg, kN]
  • hydraulic power [kW]
  • hydraulic power loss [kW]
  • special advanced functions for Pulp&Paper (nip load, slide shoe load)

FPM-4 can be used with 1-4 sensors. Handheld device is equipped with two M8 connectors. One connector can be used with two voltage output sensors or one current loop sensor. FPM-4 will detect channels are active and which sensor type is in use.

FPM-4 is configurable to all basic SI-system unit, which enables the user to measure different quantities simultaneously in real time.

  • Clear color display shows the measured values with different bright colors
  • Handy handheld device is rechargeable and has auto-off function with configurable timer
  • Convenient measuring modes for Min/Max, Graph and differential measurements


  • Supports all types of 0-5V or 4…20 mA sensors
  • NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Advanced calculations for pressure, force and power measurements
  • On-line measurement value display

Basic delivery includes:

  • Case for transportation and storage
  • Handheld display unit
  • 2 x 250bar pressure sensors with M8/M12 cables
  • Battery charger
  • User manual
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